NFL Predictions | 2021 Super Bowl: 10 Tips To Help You Watch

Follow the road to Super Bowl 2021 with Marathonbet. Check the latest 2021 Super Bowl odds with our latest betting previews…

Super Bowl Odds
Who will reach this year's Super Bowl?

Don’t know your tight ends from your touchbacks and want to follow the Super Bowl?

Here’s a quick guide to help you enjoy the big NFL finale between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the two NFL teams that this year will play in the 2021 Super Bowl (LV), but if you’re keen to know why this is one of the biggest events in world sport, Marathonbet are here to help.

The big finale all takes place at the “Ray Jay” Stadium in Tampa on the night of 7th February (and early hours of the 8th)), and it’s also a historic first as the first time one of the Super Bowl finalists will play on home territory.

Nor sure where to begin?

Here are 10 reasons to pull an all-nighter and even place your first NFL wager…

2021 Super Bowl: 10 Tips | Super Bowl Betting

1. It’s easier to understand than you realise… 📝

Watching NFL for the first time can be confusing, but to get started, just keep these two points in mind:

• The two teams (consisting of 11 players each) must carry the ball into the end zone, where they score touchdowns and can add an additional point by then kicking the ball between the vertical goal posts, and above the crossbar.

• Alternatively, a field goal can be scored when the ball is place kicked between the goal posts, and above the crossbar, from any part of the field.

• The field is divided into 100 yards, and teams have four attempts to advance a minimum of 10 yards. If not, the ball reverts back to the opposing team. Still confused? Thankfully, the NFL have put together this handy beginner’s guide

2. When and where can I watch the Super Bowl in the UK? 📺

Pace yourself, as it could be a long night.

The game is officially scheduled to start at 23:30 GMT on 7 February, with live coverage on BBC Two starting at 23:00 GMT before BBC One show the full game at 23:30.

Coverage will also be available on BBC iPlayer and online, of if you prefer to get your sporting action from Sky, comprehensive coverage will also be provided on Sky Sports NFL.

3. How did the finalists reach the 2021 Superbowl? 🚖

Kansas beat the Bills 38-24 to reach their second successive final, while Tampa saw off of the Green Bay Packers in a tremendous game that ended 31-26 in the Buccaneers’ favour

This will be the Buccaneers’ first final appearance in 18 years, where they lifted their first and only Super Bowl to date.

4. Brady vs Mahomes: The Big Guns 🤛

This year’s final is all about the quarterbacks.

For the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes arrives at the Super Bowl as one of the players looking to usher his side into an unprecedented era as they bid to land back-to-back titles for the first time in their history.

Meanwhile, an all-time great will be pulling strings for the Buccaneers. Their QB position is occupied by the eternally youthful Tom Brady (now 43!), perhaps the most famous player in NFL history in addition to being a worldwide sporting icon.

An incredible 18 years separate the two, but will it be the young(ish) gun or the old stager tasting victory on the 7th?

Who wins the 2021 Super Bowl?

5. Which team starts out as favourites to win the Super Bowl? 🔀

Although much of the pre-game talk is pitching this as being a very open final given Tampa’s home advantage, as holders the Kansas Chiefs still look the ones to beat and start out as favourites with Marathonbet @ 33/50.

However, don’t discount the ‘Tom Brady factor’ pushing some punters towards the Buccaneers. Tampa are 33/25 to make history on their own turf.

6. Who is providing this year’s entertainment? 🎤

Let’s face it – for casual UK viewers, the Super Bowl is as much about the action happening off the pitch.

The halftime show is one of the most anticipated parts of any NFL final, and this year Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church will perform the National Anthem, while The Weeknd tops the bill.

7.  Super Bowl Stats to Blow the Mind 🍕

Thinking of chancing a ticket at the Super Bowl for a trip of a lifetime when travel restrictions ease? Best start saving!

Guaranteeing your place at the premier US sporting event doesn’t come cheap. The average price of a ticket is an eye-watering $7,000 dollars, an ad slot during the halftime show can easily exceed $5 million, while it’s not a good idea to be Stateside if you’re on a diet.

More than 30 million slices of pizza are consumed during the game, as well as 9,200 tons of fries.

8. Why is it called the Super Bowl and what is ‘LV’? 🤔

A bowl is simply the term used in NFL for a single one-off game played by two teams. Its name comes from the first stadium in which a meeting of this type was held in 1923, the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles.

The ‘LV’ is simply numerical – meaning 55.  

Confusingly, although the NFL is over a century old, the Super Bowl system was only established in 1967. Each year, it’s named after the corresponding year since that first ever final, so this will be the 55th-such contest.

9. Why did Tom Brady leave the New England Patriots? 👋

If you don’t follow the NFL too closely, Tom Brady is probably one of the few names that instantly ring a bell, and you probably remember him from his exploits with the Patriots, guiding them to three championships since 2015.

Brady left his beloved Patriots for the Buccaneers last season amid rumours of tensions with the powerbrokers behind the scenes. However, his late career curveball has paid off handsomely. He’s achieved the unthinkable by guiding Tampa to an unexpected Super Bowl final after 18 years – not bad for a 43-year-old who has achieved practically everything in the game.

10. Has a British player ever won the Super Bowl? 🇬🇧

More than you might expect!  

Six British (or British-born) players have scaled the ultimate heights in American Football. London-born Scott McCready has the distinction of being the first British star to officially taste Super Bowl success, with the wide receiver winning with the New England Patriots in 2001, albeit as part of the Practice Squad.


Check the latest Super Bowl odds with Marathonbet ahead of Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers on 7th February.

Here are our two top tips ahead of all the action in Florida…

Kansas to win by 7-12 @ 79/20 >>

The Chiefs start out as firm 33/50 favourites in this final and had an easier time of things in their Conference Final compared to the Buccaneers, overpowering the Bills by 14 points.

This should be a closer-run affair, but we’re backing the Chiefs’ extra know-how from last year’s final to ultimately tell in the fine margins.

Highest Scoring Quarter – Fourth Quarter @ 17/10 >>

The Chiefs had to play a patient waiting games at times in last year’s final before clicking into gear in a rampant fourth quarter.

We could be in for another cagey tactical battle this time around, so expect things to only really open up as the clock starts to run down.

* Odds correct at time of writing but may be subject to change.



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