Most Subbed Players in Premier League History (Starting 11)

As is the way of the world, it isn't always the case that the best players get to see out 90 minutes in the Premier League. But who makes the list?

most subbed premier league players

As is the way of the world, it isn’t always the case that the best players get to see out 90 minutes in the Premier League. To celebrate this, we’ve put together a starting XI, including some of the most substituted players in Premier League history.


Thomas Sørensen

There was only one clear choice for the goalkeeper position. Thomas Sørensen was substituted 13 times during his 364 Premier League appearances. A pretty impressive feat, for a goalkeeper.


Phil Neville

Whilst at Manchester United, it took time for Phil Neville to find his best position in the team. In 2005 he moved to Everton, and it was there where he really developed into a leader on the pitch. This may explain why he was substituted 82 times in his Premier League career, with the majority of those coming during his time at Manchester United.

David Unsworth

The big strong centre half was adored by the Everton faithful during his time at Goodison Park. However, in the latter stages of his career he became something of a journeyman, playing for Portsmouth, Wigan and Sheffield United. During this time he was playing past his peak and suffered a number of injuries. In total he was subbed off 44 times in his Premier League career.

John O’Shea

The fact he got on the pitch at all was a surprise for many, when you consider he was playing in the same team as Ferdinand and Vidic. Throughout his career with Manchester United and Sunderland, he was substituted 47 times in total.

john o'shea

Graeme Le Saux

Le Saux started his career playing as a left winger, before turning himself into one of the best attacking left backs of his era. It’s likely his time as a winger contributed to him being subbed off a total of 55 times in the Premier League.



Ryan Giggs

It’s unlikely Ryan Giggs will be too upset being named in our most subbed XI, when you consider he won a total of 13 Premier League trophies. However, he was substituted an impressive 134 times during his 632 Premier League appearances for Manchester United.

paul scholes

Paul Scholes

Perhaps the best passer of a football in Premier League history, and for many the best midfielder in the Premier League. Scholes was subbed 126 times in his Premier League career. In fairness, many of these occurred when he came out of retirement to help a weak United side.

Joe Cole

A three-time Premier League winner, and one of the brightest prospects we had seen when he burst onto the scene at West Ham. Cole was subbed 117 times, which isn’t a massive surprise when you consider the Chelsea squad he was part of.

joe cole

Nobby Solano

A cult hero to many Newcastle fans, famous for audacious skills and goals to match. Perhaps he wasn’t the most willing defender, which would explain in part his 130 substitutions in the Premier League.



Dennis Bergkamp

The Dutch wizard, famous for his lackadaisical style, was subbed 104 times in the Premier League for Arsenal. In fairness, he had most likely caused enough trouble for defenders by 80 minutes to deserve a rest.

dennis bergkamp

Emile Heskey

You’d be forgiven for thinking Emile was more often the one replacing, than the one being replaced. However, the dominant striker was subbed 125 times during his Premier League career, which saw him upfront for Leicester City, Liverpool, Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa.

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