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You may already know Marathonbet as a low margin bookmaker, but what does a margin really mean? We explain all here...

How margins work

Better Odds Mean Bigger Winnings with Marathonbet.


Because we generally bet to lower margins than other firms, we will consistently offer our customers better odds than those available elsewhere.

But what does a ’low margin’ mean? Why is this good for our customers?

Low Margin Bookmakers Explained

Let’s take a simple coin toss as an example. The likelihood of a coin falling on heads or tails is the same, so a 50% chance of heads and 50% chance of tails. This equates to an even money chance, 1/1 in fractions or 2.00 in decimals. If the bookmaker takes £10 on each, they will have taken £20 and paid out £20, thus making this a 100% market.

However, all bookmakers create markets at over 100% which then creates the bookmakers’ margin. The higher the margin on a particular market, the lower the overall amount paid back on successful bets.

So, if we take the coin toss but now the prices offered are 9/10 (1.90) heads & 9/10 (1.90) tails. This creates a margin of 105.26% and if the bookmaker takes £10 on each, they will now be paying £19 and keeping £1 profit.

Low margins, better rewards

At Marathonbet, on the top leagues, for example, we will bet to a low margin on the main two-way markets.

So, if the Under/Over 2.5 goal market had equal chances, similar to a coin toss, we may offer 95/100 (1.95) on both selections. This equates to a 2.5% margin. A customer with a £10 winning bet would return £19.50.

Thus, by betting with a firm offering a 102.5 margin rather than 105.26 margin, the same £10 bet would return £19.50 rather than £19.

Multiply this by more than one bet, different stakes and the difference in pay-out will soon start to build up.

Transfer the same logic to a multiple bet, and you place a £10 four-fold with us at 102.5% margins:

£10 x 1.95 x 1.95 x 1.95 x 1.95 = £144.59

You place the same four-fold with a bookmaker betting to 105.26% margins:

£10 x 1.90 x 1.90 x 1.90 x 1.90 = £130.32

Thus, in this example, betting with your traditional, higher-margin bookmaker would leave you over £14 worse off on a successful winning bet.

Why settle for lower winnings elsewhere?

How would a 0% margin work??

A sportsbook margin (or sometimes referred to as commission) is what bookmakers take on a betting market.

If a bookmaker offers 0% margin, it means that the bookmaker takes no ‘commission’ on the corresponding markets, making the odds offered more favourable for the customer.

Get the best value with low margins from Marathonbet

In conclusion, look carefully at the bookmakers’ margins when placing your bets as the lower their margins, the higher your winnings will generally be.

There will be exceptions, as offering the lowest margin does not mean that the odds on every selection will be greater, but over a period of time your returns are much likely to be higher with a low margin bookmaker.

If you place multiple bets, this difference will be amplified further.

Don’t leave yourself short-changed when you back a winner; bet with Marathonbet and make sure you are consistently getting the best value.


Better Odds Mean Bigger Winnings.


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