Marathonbet explains… Funny Fractions


Marathonbet explains… ‘Funny Fractions’

At Marathonbet, we pride ourselves on the extraordinary – especially when it comes to our odds.

When we talk about extraordinary odds, this means that because we generally bet to lower margins than other firms we will consistently offer our customers better odds than available elsewhere.

When you look at the odds types available on our site, you will see there are six options to choose from…

Odds Type

In the UK, the two most popular options are decimals and fractions, but which is the most convenient to understand when comparing odds and working out if a price is attractive as a betting option?

Historically, fractions were far more widespread in the UK dating back to their use for Horse and Greyhound betting. More recently, with sportsbooks becoming global in outlook, pricing using decimals has become more popular.

If we look at a recent Premier League match, on which we bet to a margin of 101.5%, these were the prices:

Chelses Liverpool prices

The decimal prices are much easier to follow and potential returns more apparent. For example, you place £10 on Chelsea at 2.24.

Your return would be £22.40 (£10 x 2.24), with a profit of £12.40.

However, if you have £10 at 31/25 the potential winnings are not so easy to calculate.

£10 x 31 (numerator) = £310.
£310 / 25 (denominator) = £12.40 (profit)
£12.40 + £10 stake = £22.40 return.

So, the odds are exactly the same and the winnings likewise, but the calculation is far easier when considering the odds as decimals.

So why do we use funny-looking fractions?
For those who prefer fractions, the question we often get asked is along the lines of ‘why 31/25 and not 6/5?’ or ‘why 265/100 and not 13/5?’

The answer is simple: because we bet to low margins we need to use ‘non-standard’ fractional odds to ensure we bet to our correct margins. We need all the additional steps in pricing to ensure that we are consistently giving the best value to our customers.

So, if we change a price down from 5/4 (2.25), most bookmakers would then move the price to the next ‘regular’ fraction of 6/5 (2.20). We also use the decimals in-between 2.24, 2.23, 2.22 and 2.21 to ensure our margins consistently stay amongst the lowest.

How does this affect my returns with Marathonbet?
Our prices are on many odds comparison websites, and we actively encourage you to see how we compare against other bookmakers as we offer low margins, therefore great odds, on most sports, day in day out, pre-match and Live.

When looking to compare odds, it is much easier to see who is best price when looking at the odds in decimals.

Whilst the differences may seem minimal, they soon add up and this is emphasised more when you consider multiple bets.

For example, a £10 successful four-fold on 4 selections all at 5/4 (2.25) would pay £256.28
£10 x 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 = £256.29

The same bet at 2.26 (63/50), 2.27 (127/100), 2.28 (57/50), 2.29 (129/100) would pay £267.86

Whilst the fractions may look ‘funny’, getting a return of £11.57 less is not so amusing.
Don’t leave yourself short-changed when you back a winner; bet with Marathonbet and make sure you are consistently getting the best value.



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