If EFL Championship Clubs Were Chocolates…

It's a question we've all surely asked at one point or another, and that's why we’ve thought long and hard to bring you the answers here. If EFL Championship clubs were chocolates.... what would they be?

What chocolate bar tallies up with your team?

It’s a question we’ve all surely asked at one point or another, and that’s why we’ve thought long and hard to bring you the answers here…

If EFL Championship clubs were chocolates, what would they be?

Leeds Utd would be… a Yorkie

Looks the most solid option of the lot, but you just wonder if a chunk might be missing when you get to the last.

Swansea City would be… a Bounty

Pretty to look at from first glance but the jury’s out on whether it tastes good enough to keep you coming back for more by the end of the bar.

Preston North End would be… a Freddo

Cheap as chips, consistently underrated and completely inoffensive. Try as you might to resist, you find them surprisingly moreish.

West Brom would be… a Toblerone

Full of peaks and troughs from one minute to the next, but one of the classiest operators out there when things click into place.

QPR would be a… Kinder Egg

You don’t go in expecting much but it turns out they might just surprise you.

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Nottingham Forest would be… a Dairy Milk

Been around forever and a day and not afraid to show off about it. Still pretty tasty when the mood suits, even if you wouldn’t reach for them first.

Which chocolate best matches your club?

Bristol City would be… Quality Street

An assortment that can all too often verge from the sublime to the ridiculous. Frustratingly inconsistent, but the good stuff is up there with the best.

Charlton Athletic would be… a Curly Wurly

Starts off really nice but you just know things might just get a little chewy in the middle.

Sheffield Wednesday would be… a Kit Kat

An established brand always capable of snapping into bits at any moment. Seen better days, but, every now and then, you’re given a fleeting reminder of just how good it can be.

Blackburn Rovers would be… Roses

Filled with plenty of old favourites scattered across the box, but it’s all a bit 1990s.

Birmingham City would be… a Double Decker

Looks a bit of a mess on the inside but proves the doubters wrong by gluing together surprisingly well.

Fulham would be… a Twix

All the elements are in place for this to be a sure-fire winner. However, there’s a nagging feeling deep down that stops you from making it an automatic pick.

Cardiff City would be… a Marathon/Snickers

Attempted a bold re-branding strategy a while back, but everyone preferred the original.

Hull City would be… a Topic

Being honest, you’d kind of forgotten they existed. Still, it’s nice to still see them there from time to time. Doesn’t taste half bad on the odd occasion you give it a go.

Middlesbrough would be… a Drifter

Ever reliable as an option on the shelf, but somehow never quite gets your juices flowing. You worry it might be gathering dust for some time if it doesn’t up its game.

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Millwall would be… a Lion bar

Rock hard with plenty of bite, it’s not the most fashionable pick, but one that’s more than capable of punching above its weight against more glamorous rivals.

Do you agree with our picks?

Brentford would be… Green & Black’s

The connoisseur’s choice and the one you’d recommend to friends to show you have acquired taste. Ultimately, however, you’ll always fall back on the traditional giants.

Derby County would be… a Galaxy Cookie Crumble

To all intents and purposes this should really be a top tier contender, but far too capable of getting messy and dissolving into bits when pressed.

Wigan Athletic would be… a Mars

Best eaten straight away, as all too susceptible to melting down quickly when travelling.

Reading would be… a Milky Way

Tempting at times but offers no real substance. You suspect the best days could be behind them without some re-invention.

Luton Town would be… an Aero Mint

A little bit green and lightweight when put up against the big boys.

Barnsley would be… Rolos

You can’t help but warm to them, but a little bit too soft-centred to be completely satisfying.

Stoke City would be… Revels

The ideal package on first inspection, but when you bite in can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Huddersfield Town would be… a Flake

You really want it be better than it is, but you’re alive to the danger of its rapid disintegration under the slightest bit of pressure.

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