How to pick your Bundesliga side

Excited about the return of the Bundesliga season, but never really dabbled in German football before? Fear not, as our quickfire guide will let you know which club you should be cheering on this weekend…


Excited about the return of the Bundesliga season, but never really dabbled in German football before?

Fear not, as we’ve made life simple for you with our quickfire guide to which club you should be cheering on this weekend…

Bundesliga – It’s Time To Pick Your Side

FC Koln – for the animal lover.


FC Augsburg     

Current Position: 14th

Pick them if... you love telling everyone how terrible the ‘good old days’ were in the lower leagues.


Hertha BSC      

Current Position: 13th

Pick them if… you live for the chaos and happily go along for the ride whatever life throws at you.


Union Berlin     

Current Position: 11th

Pick them if… you’re a little bit alternative and not worried who knows it.


Werder Bremen       

Current Position: 17th

Pick them if… you’re ready to live a little dangerously after years of treading water.


Borussia Dortmund      

Current Position: 2nd

Pick them if… style and swagger always trumps success for you. And you really like the colour yellow.


Fortuna Düsseldorf       

Current Position: 16th

Pick them if… you love a bit of play-off drama. As that looks as if it could be heading down the tracks.



Eintracht Frankfurt        

Current Position: 12th

Pick them if… you really can’t handle squeaky bum time at the end of a season. Anything for some peace and quiet.


SC Freiburg       

Current Position: 8th

Pick them if… “Life Is A Rollercoaster” by Ronan Keating is not just a banger on Magic for you, it’s a mantra.



1899 Hoffenheim          

Current Position: 9th

Pick them if… you suddenly feel a huge case of imposter syndrome after initially flying at work.


  1. FC Köln

Current Position: 10th

Pick them if… you’ve always secretly dreamed of owning a little paddock filled with pet goats.


RB Leipzig

Current Position: 3rd

Pick them if… you’re the gobby one of your mates that tends to rub the rest of the group up the wrong way.



Bayer Leverkusen     

Current Position: 5th

Pick them if… you always get the back-up bridesmaid or usher gig at weddings. While you’re secretly heartbroken, it’s probably the best you can hope for.



Mainz 05          

Current Position: 15th

Pick them if… you liked Jurgen Klopp before he was even a thing.



Borussia Mönchengladbach

Current Position: 4th

Pick them if… you were the Year 7 spelling bee champion at school.


Bayern Munich

Current Position: 1st

Pick them if… you like to crush your opponents like a grape, even if it gets a tad boring.


SC Paderborn

Current Position: 18th

Pick them if… your token response at the end of a Premier League season is “you always preferred the Championship anyway.”



Schalke 04

Current Position: 6th

Pick them if… you love the idea of a Premier League ‘Expendables’ franchise. David Wagner, Jonjoe Kenny, Benjamin Stambouli, Matija Nastasić for starters…


VfL Wolfsburg

Current Position: 7th

Pick them if… the only car you’d ever buy is a VW. Better to be safe than sorry.


Which side are you picking?

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