How to Bet on Table Tennis

How to Bet on Table Tennis

Table tennis, known by many as ping pong, has similar rules to tennis. The best of 5 sets is played. Each set reaches 11, and you always have to win by two clear points.

Types of Table Tennis Bets

Winning Bet

Simple bet where you bet on the winner of the final match.

Winning with Set Handicap

In this case, the bookmaker give a handicap to the stronger player. For example, with a handicap of -2.5, you win your bet if the favourite player wins if he wins the game by 3 sets to 0.

Total Bet Set

This bet is the classic under / over. The two odds are under / over 3-5 or under / over 4.5. You have to predict if there will be more than 3 or 4 sets.

Total Points

In this case the bookmakers will decide the total score line, which according to them will determine the match. For example, 75 total points in the sum of the various sets. The punter has under / over available on this line.

Total Equal / Odd Points

A classic bet that’s difficult to predict. You have to guess if the sum of the final points will be even or odd, such as  -2.5. Whoever bets on the favourite player wins if he wins the game for 3 sets to 0.

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