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Lottery Betting – How to Bet on Lottery

Did you know, Marathonbet has a wide range of Lottery markets, available to play right now.

Visit our Lottery section, where you can pick from a wide range of daily and weekly draws, from all over the globe.

Simply choose the lottery you like, bet on the total value of the numbers drawn, and wait for the results to come in.

Lottery markets can be confusing if you haven’t used them. However, they can generally be categorised into ‘Total Markets’, ‘Number of Balls Drawn’ and ‘Other Markets’. Not all markets are available across all games, however below is a list of the most common:

Total Markets

lottery betting

  • Lowest number drawn
  • Highest number drawn
  • Total value of the highest and lowest numbers drawn
  • Total value of odd / even numbers drawn
  • Difference between the highest and lowest numbers drawn
  • Total value of all numbers drawn
  • Total number of all numbers drawn between x-x inclusive

Number Betting

  • Number to be drawn

Numbers of Balls Drawn

how to bet on lottery

  • Number of odd/even numbered balls drawn
  • Number of balls drawn between x -x inclusive

Other Markets

  • At least once of the numbers drawn is divisible by 15 / 20
  • At least one of the numbers drawn is divisible by x
  • First number drawn is greater than the last number drawn
  • More even numbers than drawn than odd numbers
  • Total value of even numbers drawn is greater than total value of odd numbers
  • Consecutive numbers will be drawn (Y/N)
  • Identical numbers will be drawn (Y/N)

Whilst the markets available to bet on are similar, there are a number of different lotteries available to you, specific to various countries.

Some of these include:

  • KENO
  • PICK-3
  • LOTTO 649
  • LOTTO BC49
  • TOP-3

Ready to give lottery betting a try?

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