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Find our more about the range of Game Shows available in the Marathonbet Live Casino. The Game Shows category includes a mix of some well-known titles alongside some new innovative games...

Game Shows Marathonbet Live Casino

The Game Shows category includes a mix of some well-known titles alongside some new innovative games.

Below is a brief guide to some of the games available, a full description of the gameplay and rules can be found within each individual game.

Game Shows | Live Casino

Game Shows - Marathonbet Live Casino
Game Shows as of 04/01/2022


MONOPOLY Live is a Dream Catcher Edition of one of the most well-known board games.

The objective of the game is to predict which segment the wheel stops in after the spin.

The game also features a Bonus game. To participate in the Bonus game, place a bet on either ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’.

If the wheel stops on either of those the Bonus game starts with the respective number of rolls.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment.

©1935, 2020 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a game inspired by the popular TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’.

Initially, players spin a three-wheel bank vault. To qualify for the game show, players must align the golden segments on that wheel vertically, after which the game show section will be ‘unlocked’.

Each qualifying spin will cost you the selected bet amount.

After qualifying, a ‘Top Up’ wheel displays where players can top up the money in a briefcase of their choice by between 5x-50x their bet amount.

Finally, you play the main Deal or No Deal Game Show, with the 16 briefcases distributed randomly.

A pre-determined number of briefcases are then opened and their values revealed. You are then offered a cash amount in exchange for what may be contained in your briefcase. There are four rounds of offers as the number of opened briefcases increases, during any of which you can decide ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’.

‘Deal’ means you accept the banker’s offer, ‘No deal’ means you continue playing.

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is played with between 1-400 cards and a Ball drawing machine, containing numbers 1-51 inclusively.

Each card contains 24 numbers, randomly arranged on that card. The centre position is a free square which is considered as an already matched square.

The Ball drawing machine draws 20 balls. You win if you get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five squares on your card. The most lines you can win per card is nine.

You can choose the stake value of the card you wish to play with and purchase the number required, up to 200 per round. The Paytable display is updated depending on the current selected value of each card.

After the last ball is drawn, a Mega Ball multiplier is generated, between 5x and 100x. Then one further ball, the ‘Mega Ball’, is drawn from the Ball drawing machine.

If the Mega Ball completes any line in your card, the winnings on that card are multiplied accordingly by the value of the Mega Ball multiplier.

Football Studio

Football Studio is an easy to play Top Card game, in which the objective is simply to predict which of the two cards dealt will be the higher.

Set in a football-themed studio, two cards are dealt face up on the football pitch-style table. The player can bet on either Home, Away or Draw, with the highest card dealt being the winner.

In this game, Aces are high and the other cards run in order. If two cards of the same value are dealt, the Draw is the winning selection and half the player’s main bet on Home or Away is returned.

Payouts on either Home or Away are of the ratio 1:1, a Draw pays 11:1.


An online version of the dice game which is extremely popular in land-based casinos, especially in the United States.

For a first-time player, Craps can appear very complicated with many different aspects to the game and numerous different betting opportunities.

For this reason, if you are new to the game you’ll find all the rules, bet types and payouts within the information button once the game is loaded. You can follow the gameplay alongside this before placing any bets.

Additionally, within the user interface you can change to Easy Mode. This takes away some of the betting options and presents the player with a smaller betting grid with the more common bets. In the same interface there is also a Learn Craps tutorial to give you the help you need to learn how to play Craps.

The game is also available in First Person mode if you prefer to play the game in that environment.

Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bio is a game played with three regular dice where the objective is to predict the outcome of the shake of those dice.

The betting table has numerous combinations of bets that can be placed, from single numbers, pairs, odd/even, small/big and so on.

There are varying payout odds for the different options, which can be found in the information section when the game is launched.

Furthermore, after betting time has expired, between one and seven of the bet spots will have multipliers randomly applied to them. If your bet is successful and is on one of the bet spots with the applied multiplier, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.

Lightning Dice

Three dice are rolled down the ‘Lightning Tower’ in Lightning Dice and the players predict the total sum of all the dice.

There are also alternative betting options on high/low or any double/triple.

After betting time has expired, ‘lightning strikes’ between two and four of the betting options, each of which is given a random multiplier. If your bet is successful and is on one of the bet spots with the applied multiplier, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.

The Game Shows category also includes Lightning Roulette and Lightning Baccarat, whose gameplay is described in detail in the separate Roulette and Baccarat sections.

Game Shows accurate as of 04/01/2022; please note, games libraries and providers can be subject to change.



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