Danny Mills’ Christmas Presents


Danny Mills’ Christmas Presents

Former Leeds, Man City and England star Danny Mills recently caught up with the Marathonbet team to share his thoughts on the present that each Premier League side will be hoping for from Santa this Christmas…



All they need for Christmas is some gold ribbons to go on their Premier League trophy and a decent Champions League draw, and that’s them sorted.



Ideally they need another centre-forward, but that’s going to cost them a lot of money. Perhaps Santa can deliver one of those.



They need plenty – a new stadium for one, and maybe a new owner prepared to spend some money. Spurs are like Tiny Tim aren’t they – I can’t see them getting many presents this year.



A difficult one. Ideally, they need an out-and-out centre-forward that will get them 20+ goals. They are fabulous over the rest of the pitch. David Luiz perhaps needs to show some more consistency, but definitely the centre-forward position is the priority.



Bring back the old back four. Going forward they are exceptional but defensively they aren’t going to challenge for the Champions League places as things stand. They need a bit more.



They’ve surprised everybody. Marco Silva has done a really good job so far – and the next step is to try and break into those Top 6 places. Richarlison has been amazing but can he keep it up all season? I have my doubts – so they need another centre-forward as well.



Well, this is going to be controversial. A better attitude from the players. I think Mourinho is right. I still think he’s one of the best coaches on the planet – put him in at PSG and he sorts them out instantly. Man Utd’s players need to up their game a little bit.



Without a doubt, Santa need to bring them a decent size ground. 12,000 in the Premier League? Come on that’s not enough – that’s not Premier League standard.



They could do with Santa moving their ground a little bit closer to London to make it easier to get to. For those of you unaware, Watford is in Hertfordshire… that’s not London – let’s stop calling them a London club!



They should be pretty happy with their football so far this season. They don’t need an awful lot and 10th place or higher would be a great result for them.



Santa needs to deliver them some consistency and a goalscorer. They’ve got fantastic individuals to watch at times but you can’t keep losing to teams like Huddersfield. They need to shore that defence up and start scoring some goals.



They have one of the best managers around in Chris Hughton considering the budget he has to play with. He’s a top man. I love Glenn Murray to bits but he can’t go on forever. Sooner or later those legs will get a little bit too tired. He’’s not Peter Pan and they need to replace him with a decent goalscorer. Hopefully he’ll see out this season but they need another centre-forward.



They need to keep hold of Arnautovic for one. If I was him I’d be looking to get out of there as soon as possible. What do the fans want for Christmas? New owners probably.



Another team looking for a new owner. Rafa Benítez is a world-class manager – he’s done it everywhere he’s been – but he can’t keep producing miracles even at this time of year. They will be safe but to kick on they need that new investment.



They need to keep hold of Zaha. Without him, Palace are doomed. He is everything to them. If they don’t, they might get sucked into the relegation battle.



They need a creative midfielder, a real number 10 to craft some goals. The Burnley fans need something to get them excited and off those wooden seats. The Europa League has messed them up big time. They punched well above their weight last year but that consistency has gone – this season they can’t score goals, and are letting in too many. I really feel for Sean Dyche, as he looks like he’s missed his chance for a big move. It’s going to be a long, hard season for them.



It’s really not going well for them. They need some more goalscorers throughout their team. Their goal difference is not good – they need to sort things out big time.



Cardiff are Cardiff. I love Neil Warnock to bits, they’ve got plenty of hope but Santa needs to deliver them some quality. If they are going to stay up, they need four or five quality signings but I fear that they’re not going to get them.



Their Christmas present has come early with the appointment of Claudio Ranieri. If he can shore up that defence, he can get them flying up the table.



Some more points would be nice. A club close to me, but they are going down. If they are going to stay up – and they just about managed it by the skin of their teeth last time – they need two centre-forwards, two centre-backs, two midfielders, two wide players, a couple of full-backs, and a keeper. Sorry!


Do you agree with Danny’s gifts?

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