What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

Seen Draw No Bet as a betting option but not quite sure how it works?

In a betting market, the Draw No Bet option simply eliminates the outcome of a draw on three-way markets, meaning bettors are left to bet on either a home or away win. This market is also known as Handicap (0), which you can find on the Marathonbet site under the Handicap Markets tab in a football match.

Once you’ve mastered the pros and cons of Draw No Bet, it can prove a savvy way to bet.

In this guide, we’ll look in further detail at how this form of betting works, plus the markets where it most commonly presents itself as a betting option.

How does Draw No Bet work?

Draw No Bet Betting – How Does It Work?

As touched on above, the Draw No Bet removes the draw as an option in a betting market, reducing a three-way market into a two-way market.

However, what happens if your selected game ends all-square? Any why is this an increasingly attractive market for bettors?

If your match ultimately finishes in a draw, the bet will neither win or lose and your stake will be returned in full.

This makes Draw No Bet appealing to bettors looking to minimise their risk on a bet.

Removing the draw as an option effectively offers the bettor an added layer of security in comparison to betting on the traditional three-way market, given the bettor is left with just two options to choose from – either Team A to win or Team B to win.

Draw No Bet Examples

Draw No BetLet’s look at the difference between betting on a three-way market and betting on a two-way Draw No Bet market with a few working examples.

West Ham are playing Bournemouth at home in the Premier League.

The 1X2 market is priced up as follows:

West Ham – 6/4
Draw – 12/5
Bournemouth – 2/1

The home side are coming into some form, so you opt to wager £10 on West Ham to win at 6/4.

The game finishes in a 1-1 draw, which means your bet is lost.

However, if you had opted to follow this game via the Draw No Bet market, the two-way market would be priced up as follows:

West Ham – 4/5
Bournemouth – 11/10

While the ‘to win’ price is less generous than with the traditional three-way 1X2 market, Draw No Bet would have worked in your favour in this scenario.

As the game finished 1-1, your bet is not a winning one. However, you would have the consolation of your stake being returned back to you in full – illustrating how Draw No Bet works well for bettors looking to lessen risk.


Draw No Bet FAQ


How does Draw No Bet work in an accumulator?

When building an accumulator, Draw No Bet simply acts as an extra form of insurance should you wish to remove the draw from one or more selections.


Does Draw No Bet include extra time?

Pre-match Draw No Bet prices only apply to the score at the end of normal time. During live betting, if a match goes to extra time then the bet maybe available on the in-play market for the extra time period.


Can you combine Draw No Bet?

Yes, you can place multiple bets with Draw No Bet selections from different matches, or alternatively select Draw No Bet in certain matches and different markets in other matches.


Does Draw No Bet void an accumulator?

No, if you have selected Draw No Bet and that match ends in a draw, then just that selection is voided and the rest of the bet continues as normal.


Do you get the bet refunded on Draw No Bet?

If you place a single bet, your original stake will simply be refunded to you if your selected match finishes in a draw.


Is Asian handicap the same as Draw No Bet?

Level Asian handicap betting – where the handicap is displayed as 0 – is effectively the same as Draw No Bet, with your stake returned to you if the game ends in a draw. Find out more about Handicap and Asian Handicap betting on the Marathonbet website.

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