Advancebet | How to Use Advancebet

Want to find out more about how to use Advancebet in our Sportsbook? Read on for our beginner’s guide to Advancebet...

Advancebet from Marathonbet

There’s now an even more convenient way to play with Marathonbet, courtesy of our exclusive Advancebet facility.

Want to find out more about how to use Advancebet in our Sportsbook?

Read on for our beginner’s guide…

How Advancebet Works | A New Way To Play

Advancebet is a handy betting feature, exclusive to Marathonbet customers, which is available to use if you have unsettled bets on your account.

From time to time, you may find you have insufficient funds in your account to place a new bet, just at a moment where you’re still waiting for various existing bets to be settled.

It’s frustrating waiting for those final whistles to go, right?

That’s where Advancebet comes into play.

Advancebet with Marathonbet

Advancebet provides you with an opportunity to place further bets on any events starting in the next 48 hours, even if you have insufficient funds in your account balance. The Advancebet offered will be based on an evaluation of the potential outcome of your unsettled bets.

All bets on Sportsbook settled within 48 hours of placing your Advancebet(s) will be used to repay these type of bet(s); however, Marathonbet will absorb all liability should the Advancebet(s) amount prove to be higher than any amount you subsequently receive from those bets settled over the 48-hour period.

What happens once I place an Advancebet?

Let’s look at a working example:

Advancebet Marathonbet example

Having taken advantage of the Advancebet feature, these are just some of the scenarios that could now occur:

Scenario 1: All your bets lose after using the £130 from your Advancebet balance.

In this case, Marathonbet would absorb all the liability, as outlined above. Your resulting balance would be £0 provided no new deposits were made during the Advancebet timeframe.

Scenario 2:  Your first and second outstanding bets win, but all other bets including the Advancebet lose.

Here, your resulting balance would be £245 – (£175 + £200 – the £130 Advancebet stake).

Scenario 3 – All four outstanding bets lose, but the Advancebet wins.

Here, your resulting balance would be £230 – (£180 x 2.00 – the £130 Advancebet stake).

Scenario 4 – all bets win

Here, your resulting balance would be £1,220 (£175 + £200 + £300 + £315 + (£180 * 2.00) – the £130 Advancebet stake).

Advancebet | Further Information

Advancebets are available on two types of event:

– Live events
– Events that are due to start within the next 48 hours.

A history of your Advancebets can be viewed in “My Account”; you’ll find them listed under the “Used Advance” section.

Please note, Advancebet is NOT a credit facility and is only applicable for certain sporting events.

Visit our Sportsbook to find out more about Advancebet from Marathonbet.



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