If your football team was a TV show…


If your football team was a TV show…


The nights are drawing in and it feels like we’ve reached that time of year when a binge watch in front of the football and then a box set is the dream ticket.

Which got us thinking… if your football team was a TV show, what would it be?

We came up with a few suggestions for starters…


Liverpool would be… Bodyguard

Currently regularly blowing away the opposition with thrilling storylines. Always happy to throw in a late curveball towards the end to keep the outcome in doubt.

Arsenal would be … Doctor Who

Regenerated their main character to inject some new energy into the plot moving forward.

After some initial doubts, many wondered what all the fuss was about.

Doctor Who


Everton would be… Match of the Day

A reassuring presence that’s been around in the same place for what seems like forever. Occasional panic breaks out when that familiar slot is shifted.

Fulham would be… The Great British Bake Off

Always delightful to watch, with technical flair aplenty, and some exquisite finishes for the neutral to enjoy. On a bad day, the final product can look slightly undercooked.

Man Utd would be… Curb Your Enthusiasm

The quality levels are still high – albeit stronger in previous seasons. Features a strong lead rallying against the minor everyday injustices of the world around him.

Leicester City would be… Better Call Saul

Never quite capable of recreating the magic of the thrilling original from a few years back, can still hit the heights in the right mood.

Better Call Saul (1)


Crystal Palace would be… The Walking Dead

Comfortably established in the top tier, and more than capable of offering up a decent few hours of entertainment when they hit their stride. Doubts remain on whether they can realistically survive without their leading man.

Bournemouth would be… Stranger Things

The ultimate sleeper hit that arrived with little fanfare or expectation, but rallied to become an established favourite. Also keeps fans on their toes as they have come to expect the unexpected.

West Ham would be… LOST

On paper, hugely promising with a cracking cast of central characters. Often end up delivering mixed results to leave diehard fans scratching their heads over what they’ve just seen.

Chelsea would be… The Sopranos

Clinical, efficient, with a strong Italian influence at the top holding everything together. Occasional in-house spats can create drama, but they always tend to bounce back more strongly.


Image sources from PA Images

What TV show resembles your team?

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