From Girona to Manchester – Chappy’s Taxi Challenge


Girona FC’s Marc Muniesa, Pere Pons and Alex Granell recently visited Manchester, home of fellow City Football Group club Man City, to tour the Mancunian streets and face a fun linguistic challenge with legendary former Manchester City kitman and local celebrity Les “Chappy” Chapman…

How did they all get on?

Watch Chappy teach the Girona players ‘Manc’

The players’ journey begins with Chappy teaching the players a few Manc phrases to help them settle with the locals. Will the players be able to guess what ‘Our Kid’ means? Are the Girona players ‘Buzzin’ to face the next game? Watch how Muniesa, Pons and Granell fare…


…and how Chappy tackles tricky Gironin phrases
Watch the Girona FC players get their revenge as they challenge Chappy to tackle a few Gironin phrases. Can Chappy get his head around phrases like ‘Llamp me mati’ or ‘Fot a pet de vent’?

Find out how he handled the challenge on our YouTube channel


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