Extraordinary, Freak Sporting Injuries


Extraordinary, Freak Sporting Injuries

Injuries are simply part of the job for the professional sportsman, but they can strike at any moment – as these unlucky individuals go to show.

Here’s our roundup of some extraordinary, freak sporting injuries that prove when push comes to shove, our leading sports stars are human just like the rest of us…


The one with the salad cream…

With strict dietary and nutrition regimes now the order of the day, our first injury wouldn’t happen to the modern-day footballer. However, in the Nineties you could still practically eat anything, and a tub of one of the nation’s favourite condiments was enough to leave legendary goalkeeper Dave Beasant wincing.

After dropping 2kg of salad cream on his foot, ruling him out for nearly eight weeks, the big man must have wished he had stuck to just the salad.


The one where he had the warning…

Another goalkeeper making the cut is Richard Wright who missed out on a golden chance for a rare start after ignoring a simple instruction – and paying the price. On seeing a sign that said, ‘Do Not Practise in the Goalmouth’, Wright naturally opted to do the exact opposite.

Karma inevitably intervened as he tripped over the sign and twisted his ankle.


The one with the dentures…

The 1930s were a different time – it’s hard to envisage the highly-paid modern-day sporting superstar bringing their dentures on the field of play. And that’s probably wise too, given what happened to Boston Red Sox star Clarence Blethen.


The pitcher entered the field with dentures in his back pocket and, in a heroic effort to slide to second base, injured himself somewhat unusually in the process. You can probably fill in the rest. Now that’s an injury that comes back to bite…


The one where he ran away from spiders…

Undoubtedly the strangest case study on our list. Toronto Blue Jays star Glenallen Hill ruled himself out of action for nearly three weeks after a nightmare about spiders. Hill started sleepwalking as he attempted to fight off the army of arachnids before colliding with a glass table in his house.

At least the spiders had gone when he finally woke up – but the cuts and bruises remained.


The ones from the safety of the sofa…

Home is where the heart is – but for some footballers, it’s laced with danger. England regulars David James and Rio Ferdinand are just two big names who have fallen foul of a night in front of the telly, with the former Liverpool goalkeeper pulling a back muscle whilst straining to reach the remote, and the ex-Man Utd ace picking up a tendon strain while vegging on the couch.

Rio Ferdinand


The one where they just weren’t listening…

Professional sportsmen are among the most competitive people on the planet. They don’t like losing, and they don’t like their instructions being ignored. They particularly don’t like a comical, hapless injury to add to their frustrations.

Pity poor Alex Stepney then, as the long-serving Man Utd goalkeeper somehow managed to dislocate his jaw whilst berating some slack defending during a game against Birmingham in 1975. Given he’s the fourth goalkeeper on our list, isn’t it time we gave them some kind of protected status?


The one where he took out the bins…

Finally, it’s that part of the week no-one looks forward to – particularly if a freak injury is thrown into the mix. The 12-time WWE World Champion, Randy Orton, goes by the name of the “Legend Killer” in the sport, but his fearless reputation was put on the line when he lost one unusual wrestling bout… with his own garbage.

WWE's Randy Orton, right, hits Seth Rollins during WrestleMania at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, USA on Sunday, March 29, 2015. Photo by Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM

Orton managed to dislocate his shoulder as he undertook this mundane weekly chore, but showed the gritty fighting spirit that has made him a born champion by popping it straight back in.

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