Dream Managerial Double Acts


Dream Managerial Double Acts

The news that Thierry Henry and John Terry were close to being unveiled as an unlikely good cop, bad cop duo at Aston Villa got us thinking… what other odd double acts could be paired up together?


1. Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher

As probably the most iconic double act on TV at the moment anyway, watching the dynamic between these two in the dugout would be irresistible. Neville has still got unfinished business after his disappointing spell at Valencia – could he be tempted back with his new best mate from Merseyside?

Obviously, tribal loyalties would make their choice of club an issue, but we can’t help but notice the Macclesfield job is currently up for grabs – and it’s a convenient halfway house between Manchester and Liverpool. Carra and Nev to save Macc from the drop? It’s a Netflix documentary waiting to happen…


2. Roy Keane & Mick McCarthy

We can’t see this match-up lasting long – perhaps not even the full 90 minutes – but it would be a bigger box office draw than any Vegas heavyweight fight. We’d even pay for a fixed camera on the dugout alone.

If hell freezes over and they finally let bygones be bygones after events in Saipan, could this be the ultimate winning combo? They both boast Championship titles to their name. If Leicester City can win the Premier League, surely a happy reunion between the pair isn’t completely out the question…


3. Neymar & Wilfried Zaha

Footballers gain all sorts of expertise during their playing careers – why not apply that knowledge to other sports? Sir Clive Woodward famously switched sides with a brief stint at Southampton after Rugby World Cup success, but it’s rare to see footballers going the other way.


With Tom Daley still looking for that elusive Olympic gold ahead of Tokyo 2020, we think these two could offer some excellent technical pointers as part of his team.


4. Dave Bassett & Rory Delap

He’s been out the game nearly 20 years, but with ‘tiki taka’ football yesterday’s news, surely it’s time for the world’s greatest proponent of long-ball football to make a last hurrah and introduce his unique style of football to the millennial generation brought up on clips of Messi and Mbappé?

He could do worse than turn to long-throw specialist Delap as his number two. When even Jürgen Klopp is looking at throw-ins to eek out those marginal gains, let’s not write off this dream duo too soon.


5. Peter Crouch & Sammy Lee

We’ve no idea if the chemistry would be there, but with Crouchy now starting to look beyond his playing career with the recent release of his book and new podcast, could he fancy a crack at management?

Their paths have crossed several times, and if the world of comedy tells us anything, you can rarely go wrong with a little and large double act. Plus, imagine the dancing on the sidelines when a 96th-minute winner goes in.


6. Harry Redknapp & Big Sam

Harry Redknapp

Both are currently on a break from management just as the Brexit negotiations are entering their delicate final stages.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

He might hate the reputation, but Harry is the king of getting a deal over the line, and Big Sam has always said he could manage things at the top level in Europe. Let’s make it happen.


7. Usain Bolt & Sir Mo Farah

Since retiring from the track, Bolt has so far enjoyed limited success with his latest sporting quest – making a name for himself in the world of football. While the world still waits to see if he can shine with the Central Coast Mariners in the A-League, time is ticking for Bolt at 32 if he is going to make it as a professional footballer – even if he could still outrun most 21-year-olds without breaking sweat.

If his trial doesn’t work out, a coaching role behind the scenes could be a better bet, perhaps alongside another athletics great, Farah – a huge Arsenal fan.

Let’s face it – below the Premier League, it’s electric pace that really terrifies most teams. If they drop to the right level, this pairing could win games on that front alone. And, when cramp kicks in with 10 minutes go, player-manager Bolt would have the perfect substitutes up his sleeve to call on to give the opposition something to think about.

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